Take command of your body

If ineffective is your goal, then this workout isn’t for you. M2 Elite is an old school, high-intensity, interval fitness training program for elite athletes who are ready to step up their game--and we promise it will rip you up.

Integrating body weight training and external loading along with cardio conditioning, M2 Elite Commando is designed to build strength and muscle for you animals out there who consider yourself “advanced physical fitness specimens”.

For 45 minutes, we put you through the proverbial ringer in an advanced super-session targeting upper and lower body muscle groups with a concentrated circuit of giant set exercises to develop strong muscles and enhanced stamina.

To mix things up, when the sun’s out, we take it outdoors and beachside for some fresh air and vitamin D in the process. Making Long Beach’s coastal greenbelt our personal playground, we incorporate a mixture of elements including benches, pull-ups, dip bars, and more.

When the weather turns cold, we move it indoors and create an optimum level indoor workout utilizing heavier commercial fitness equipment.

It’s a hard-core workout designed for elite athletes, so take it to the edge.

We dare you.

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