The M2 Fitness Pros Assessment and evaluation is a starting and focal point for our clients that are entering into any of the M2 Fitness Pros programs. This is a useful tool in establishing each individual’s baseline fitness levels. This evaluation consists of three steps:



We begin the assessment with the M2 Pro, a thorough but brief on line evaluation, which provides us with a rough overview of your current health and fitness level. This allows us to insure that you will continue to improve your health safely and that we design the ideal program for you.



The next step is performing a body composition analysis, which is a term that describes different components that make up an individual’s body weight, such as muscle, bone, and organs. We utilize the caliper “skinfold” measurement, an accurate method that determines body fat and lean (muscle) mass percentage. Stepping on a standard scale will only display your total weight, but it will not determine your total lean to fat ratio.
Typical charts tend to be very general, therefore not good indicators for the advanced individual or performance athlete.  In addition, body weight and lean mass will vary considerably by age, gender, genetic make-up, and each individual’s lifestyle. Having the proper balance is also of importance.  Low percentages can cause a great deal of physiological challenges on the body, on the other realm, high percentages can be extremely harmful.



Along with the analysis is the third part of the assessment, simple tape measurements of key areas of the body followed by digital photographs for comparisons, repeated bi-weekly during your three, six, or twelve-month program to gauge progress.



We also recommend that you keep a separate training log to note the different stages of your progression; this is helpful in order to continue to increase your workload accordingly.


Once we determined your lean to fat ratio, we will then coach you on creating the right balance for you with a proper nutrition program. The ultimate goal is a smarter approach to a healthy mind and body. By knowing the right amount of calories to consume you’ll avoid over or under eating, fatigue, stress, and unnecessary overload to the body.


These adjustments will be a constant and ongoing part of your advancement. It is a vital process for you to determine progress and visually see the effects of your training, nutrition and endurance programs.

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