So you want to get personal? Not mean nasty personal. We’re talking in-your-face, customized fitness training in the form of M2 Fitness Pros One-2-One Training. Our personal fitness training experts live for making you work harder than you’ve ever worked before at building a hot, toned body.

M2 Fitness Pros training program is extreme–but worth it. With some hard-core training and nutritional counseling, our goal is to take you from 0 to 60. We’re talking time, we’re talking weight, and we’re talking determination to maximize on the benefits of a kick-ass strength-training program that is no longer exclusive to body builders and competitive athletes.

M2 Fitness Pros One-2-One belongs to you. This means we don’t take someone else’s personal training program and try to make it fit. From how you feed your face, to how hard you train, we can control your personal training experience in a clean, focused, private training environment.

No Pain. No Gain.

Building substantial muscle mass and whittling down inches in the trouble zones takes heart and dedication. Put down the 5lb weights to no where. The more weight you lift, the more muscle you build. Yes, this applies to all you ladies out there!

Contrary to popular beliefs, allowing your muscles to do their thing by imposing a sufficient workload “weight” heavy enough to create change will not take you to she-man status.

In fact, weight loading is the key to building a toned lean body.

Let's Get With YOUR Program!

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