Extreme. Intense. Insane. That’s M2 Fitness Pros Super Cardio. In this super weight loss workout, we will push you to the point of exhaustion, not because we want to, but because we have to.


The harder you push, the bigger the results. It’s about raising the bar. Reaching your peak physical fitness condition will require heart, endurance, and commitment to the MAX. The M2 Fitness Pros fitness trainers will push your aerobic and anaerobic systems to the limit, creating one of the most powerful physical fitness conditions possible. This workout is designed to maximize on body fat loss and build stronger, leaner muscles.


Using maximal, sub-max, and near-max high intensity fitness training intervals with variables that can be altered, such as intensity, speed, workout period, rest period, etc., our personal training specialist will take you to the edge. We’ll warm you up and cool you down, but it’s what happens in between that really counts.


M2 Fitness Pros Super Cardio is a unique workout so intense, we only hold it once a week, but if you’re really motivated, the more times you do it, the better.


A hardcore fat-burning workout is waiting for you. Take it to the max.

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