M2 Fitness Pros Urban Cardio brings new meaning to “CHILDS PLAY”. Long Beach is your playground, and you’re in control. Three times a week, at the crack of dawn, our M2 Fitness training experts will get your heart charged up as we turn Downtown Long Beach into an obstacle course for determined, motivated fitness overachievers.


An effective program will target all the core muscle groups as these muscles provide a solid foundation for movement, produce power, link lower body to upper body, and stabilize; without good core development it becomes difficult to move and react efficiently. There are several benefits associated with core strengthening and conditioning. A weak and unbalanced mid section is often the cause of low back pain. Strengthening the core will maintain appropriate posture and reduce strain on the spine. The more stable the core, the more powerful movements can originate for athletic performance. It also corrects postural imbalances that can often time lead to injury and develops functional training essential for both day to day living and activities. The main goal of core stability is to maintain a solid foundation.


With M2 Fitness Pros Urban Cardio program, you get the best of both worlds with a muscle and fitness workout that produces results with a combination of exercises and core equipment including medicine balls, stability balls, cables, and bands hitting all the different planes of motion. This combo allows you to capitalize on the benefits of morning cardio to burn up fat as you power through the streets of Downtown Long Beach on a fat loss mission.




To keep your attention, each of the three sessions incorporates different levels of terrain and routes. The M2 Fitness Pro trainers will ease you into the week with a Monday session of power walking at a low heart rate range (about 120 beats). This session is designed as a conditioning and recovery session from the week prior. On Wednesday you’ll walk, jog, run in a session of more intense fitness training intervals to get your heart pounding and your muscles burning. We round out the week with furious Friday where you’ll get a more aggressive workout as you motor through the city and end with a set of stairs!


And finally, for the workout animals, there’s always the Sunday SUPER CARDIO session, which is exactly what is means. Super intense, super sets, super results.


It's time. Cut the morning caffeine and have a shot of adrenaline instead.

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